By Will Ranos / Sports Editor

Sundee Dominguez, Math Success Center coordinator, said, “Tons of people take math classes, but not enough of those students utilize this center to its full potential. We’d like to see that increase. It’s free.”

The exact numbers of students taking math who attend the center is unknown, but Dominguez emphasized that it is well under the expected attendance. The center coordinator said if more students showed up, grades and pass rates would increase.

Moises Gutierrez, instructional Specialist for the center, said they usually tutor math classes 815, 110, 130, 115 and 140. Classes 110, 115 and 130 are all different levels of algebra and, along with statistics, are the main courses the tutors focus on. Tutors are always available to assist in those subjects.

Gutierrez said, “We try to get as much student participation in tutoring as possible.”

While it may be assumed that math classes would have midterms, like most other classes, Dominguez said, “Usually math classes stick to a regular schedule of tests. With math, you need to constantly know whether the students are learning the material.”

During midterm season, the center stayed on its usual schedule with no additional faculty made available, but, Dominguez mentioned, during finals, there is always a rush of students noticed. To accommodate students during finals, the center offers practice exams, 2-hour review sessions and regular practice material.

Many programs are offered at the center which help fulfill students’ lab requirements for their classes. Directed learning activities, directed study groups and workshops are offered.

Dominguez described activities as a work packet of information that focuses on specific subjects that students typically struggle with in their specific classes. Study groups run by a qualified tutors have a lot more collaborative work with other students compared to the other supplemental learning activities. These usually last an hour. Supplemental workshops are presentations hosted by teachers that also last an hour. All of them require an appointment.

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