The Libraries at LBCC serve a great purpose for students to interact with books out of the shelves. Libraries have massive areas where students can come in and isolate themselves to prepare for the next big exam or just get some quiet time. We feel that LBCC students should take time to enjoy the room given to us rather than letting it be just a waste of space.

The Library gives an opportunity for students to take advantage of learning and acknowledge the staff members willing to tutor us. Many users of the Libraries are not fully aware of what kind of resources are provided.

Staff members are there to help provide many ways to learn. Students should be acknowledging the fact that Libraries can accommodate us in many important ways. Some students may not be aware we can check out movies or music for our own personal usage. Not many of us know this, but the Libraries have VHS videos stocked on shelves. If we still own VHS, we should take advantage of the services.

At peak times, the Libraries’ study areas are filled to capacity, so library officials strongly recommend LBCC students plan to takes steps to meet the demand. The Libraries have an organized collection of sources accessible for students to help find some references or borrowing books, movies or music.

The Libraries should not only be a place to study, but a sanctuary.