By Sylvana Uribe/ Staff Writer

The Cultural Affairs Committee is giving students the opportunity to learn about one of the worst 20th century wartime acts of discrimination by visiting the Museum of Tolerance on Friday, March 27. Alberto Moreno, 23, a Spanish literature major and chair of the Cultural Affairs Committee said, “Cultural affairs is all about promoting cultural awareness and student diversity because LBCC is a multicultural college.  “The Museum of Tolerance focuses on the Holocaust, but also on understanding discrimination and prejudices which fits with the committee’s mission.”
As of March 9, students can begin reserving their seats at the cashier’s office from the campus they intend to depart from. A $5 non-refundable, cash-only deposit is needed at the time of sign-up.

The sign-up period is open until all 22 seats are filled.  One van with room for 11 people will depart from each campus at 12:30 p.m.

Students departing from the PCC will meet with Student Life coordinator Derek Oriee in Lot 7 and students departing from the LAC will meet with Maya Cardenas, also a Student Life coordinator, in Lot G.  Students will receive a personal guided tour from the museum’s staff. Students are expected to return around 5:30 p.m. and are encouraged to bring snacks with them as food will not be provided.

Brian Chavez, 20, a history major, said he supports field trips as a necessary part of the learning process and in experiencing what is taught in a class setting. Chavez said, “It is important to take students beyond the borders of a lecture and the bindings of a book.

To be surrounded by stories, people, objects and culture is an enriching part of a person’s education.” Ryan Shepard, 20, an urban and regional planning major and president’s ambassador, said, “Going to the Museum of Tolerance is an extremely powerful experience I’d recommend to any serious student of history or contemporary issues. The museum gives attention to other modern genocides and helps us see our own biases and prejudices.” Students may contact Student Life or visit the cashier’s office for more information. The cashier’s office at the PCC is in MD143 and in A1075 at the LAC.