020915_Parking_Jpeacock_0515By Jon Peacock

Staff Writer

Honking horns fill the air as a line of cars grows. It’s not rush hour, it’s the first week of the Spring semester for LBCC.

Students and employees have found that parking and walking from distant lots has been a constant problem at LBCC, especially during the first few weeks of school.

Some reoccurring themes noticed Monday, Feb. 9 at the LAC were Lew Davis Street being closed off to students, the parking structure being completely filled by 8:15 a.m., a line of people waiting to purchase their parking permits and seemingly never-ending waves of people crossing Carson Street.

Long Beach Police Officer Kevin Stinson said a parking ticket will cost drivers $49 compared to the $30 semester parking pass. However, free parking will be available in the Veterans Stadium lots until Monday, Feb. 16. After that time, a daily parking pass will be available for $2 a day. Veterans Stadium is accessible through East Conant Street with Lew Davis Street closed to students from 7-10 a.m.

Tallie Argo, a kinesiology major, after buying a parking pass, said that parking is expensive and “overcrowded.” Another student, Mignon Robinson, a fashion merchandising major, said, “A lot more parking area” would help fix some of the parking issues.

Stinson said that, compared to many other college campuses, $30 for a semester parking pass isn’t that high and that “at Vets Stadium, there is enough parking for everyone,” though it might be a bit of a walk.