By Nick Steele

Staff Writer

A “flash mob” campaign rally on Carson Street in front of the T Building at LBCC’s LAC was a sight to see Thursday, April 3.
Many students watched, some danced, candidates spoke and supporters chanted. The Long Beach Register was present to cover the group of supporters.
Students began the rally by doing the electric slide on the sidewalk in support of three candidates running for the Board of Trustees for Areas 1, 3 and 5.
Sunny Zia of Area 1 and Greg Slaughter of Area 5 while Marshall Blesofsky of Area 3 did not.

Slaughter said, “We’re at the home stretch, on the road to victory.”
Zia spoke over a megaphone, “unacceptable,” she said, “The current administration isn’t giving enough respect to its students, faculty and community.”
Students, volunteers and teachers chanted phrases such as “change the pace vote” and “we got the spirit,” led by, sociology teacher and Political Action Coalition chairman Janet Hund.
Emily Gehrman, Learning Academic Resource faculty member and PAC treasurer said, “Get out and vote.”
The rally inspired many, including business administration major, Morocco Curry, 35, who said, “Vote them out.”
Although the most excited of the bunch was Kathryn Jennings, a reading teacher, who wanted “a clean sweep,” she said.
The three candidates were supported by the full-time teachers’ union, the part-time teachers organization and the support staff employee group.