By Kimberly Belcher / Staff Writer

This generation is the most connected generation of all time due to advances in technology and the wide spread of social media,according to an article by the Pew Research Center. Many students have expressed that technology has made them lose touch with each other.

Manethsha Landrum, 22, a fashion design major, said, “I have so many friends through social media, but I always have a feeling of being alone. I spend a lot of time on those sites to try to fill a void that I have.” It has been proven that more technology exists in this year’s most popular phones than in the Apollo 11 moon mission, Elizabeth Howell of said, but the uses of that technology have been limited to social media and texting. James Nash, 20, an English major, said, “Walk anywhere on campus and you’ll find several students on their phones at any given time.”

According to Pew Research, cell-phone owners ages 18-24 exchange an average of 109.5 message son a normal day and make up 89 percent of social-media
users. Jainae Chapel, 26, an administrative assistant major, said, “Sometimes I get lost in my phone. I know I should be paying attention in class because I might
be missing something.” The amount of technological strides that have been made actually helps students advance their education, LBCC social-sciences
professor Rocio Larios said: “Technology helps our students grasp concepts and ideas better, yet it lowers the rate of them reading and distracts them from their work. It’s a double-edged sword.”