By Ana Garcia

Contributing Writer

On February 8, 2015, Long Beach Transit will no longer sell paper bus passes.

Students who use the LBT system need to upgrade to a plastic ‘transit access pass’ card, or TAP card, by Feb. 8, 2015. The card allows students to effortlessly tap the card on any LBT transportation vehicle.  The process can take up to eight weeks, according to

LBCC students receive a $25 discount on the 30 day pass, which is normally $65. To continue receiving a student discount, students must apply and have their TAP card before Feb. 8.

When applying for the pass, students must send in a photo with their application. In addition a student must show proof of enrollment by showing a current registration fee with a computer printout of their classes. To qualify for the pass, an undergrad student must have at least 12 units while a grad student only needs eight.

A student, Courtney Hogg said, “I’m not sure I like this new TAP card and it’s policies, it makes it harder for me to get a pass now.”

For more information on discounts or to reach the Long Beach Transit, people may call (562) 591-2301 or visit