By Donielle Lyles and Kanika Sieng / Contributing Writers

Whether it’s a solo session or in a group, studying is one of our most important tasks. LBCC has several go-to spots where students can study. Using a 5-star rating system, students were surveyed about the most popular areas to dedicate themselves to schoolwork.
One of the most popular places for small groups to study is in a Library study room. With a 4-star rating, rooms are equipped with whiteboards and students get two hours to do their work. Sophomore Kiara Wilson said, “I’m more of a loner and I love reading with no background noise, so the Library is the best place for me. I can get all of my homework done and extra reading as well in peace.”

Students searching for that comfortable environment to study at, or simply smooth out their study plan, hoping to get a better grade, “A Study of Study Spots” at on will help students discover where they can perch and get down to business.

Students looking for something outdoors can consider the PCC horticulture gardens or the LAC Front Quad.