By Lisa Hunter / Staff writer




The Department of Counseling and Student Development is accepting walk-in appointments for people who have quick questions regarding degree or transfer programs and 10 minute counseling services are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.
John Washington, 27, an engineering major, waited 30 minutes to see a counselor.
He said his adviser was thorough, but he will revisit the counseling office later this Fall. “I was told that they tell you to do more than you really have to,” he said.
Washington is apprehensive about spending unnecessary time at LBCC and wants to transfer immediately to Cal State Long Beach after graduating.
“They are a Godsend,” Isaiah Eatman, 24, a nursing major, said. “I received options from a counselor that I wouldn’t have known on my own.”
He said his meeting seemed short the first time he visited and he suggested students be prepared for their appointments.
“Know what your academic goal is ahead of time. Be very direct and very clear of your needs,” Eatman said.
Students are allowed to schedule reoccurring appointments to see an adviser for additional questions about courses and requirements or to change their academic plan.
If students are undecided about their career paths, career counselors are also available.
Lorraine Blouin, head of counseling at LAC, said, taking Counseling 1, Orientation to College Success, is a helpful course that goes over programs available on campus to help navigate the educational process. “If they are not sure of their major goal or career, then there’s Counseling 48, a one-unit career course.”
People who are uncertain that their academic plans are heading in the right direction may visit an adviser. “They should come in as early as possible,” Blouin said.  The counseling department is expected to be very busy during Fall registration, she said.
Blouin said a change of mind regarding educational endeavors is no cause for worry because many classes can be used toward electives or certificate programs.
Appointments requiring greater attention can be scheduled one week in advance online, in person or by phone at (562) 938-3987. Additional information about graduation and transfer requirements can be acquired at