By Lisa Hunter / Staff Writer



Audio signals may be installed in August at the main crosswalk on Carson Street, leading from Building T to Building A, to help the visually impaired, the City of Long Beach has reported.
Kevin Riley, city traffic engineer associate, said audio traffic lights were purchased and delivered to the traffic operations division, the department responsible for the installation process.  “The work order is going out and the project should be completed within the next month or so,” Riley said July 16.
Visually impaired students petitioned for an audio traffic signal during the Spring semester. Lindsay Kerr, 20, a liberal studies major, headed the cause and was supported by LBCC students, teachers and participants of the Disabled Students Program.
The request was approved by the Board of Trustees. LBCC President Eloy Oakley said, “The Board supported the decision.” Former Student Trustee Andrea Donado was the person who mostly handled the matter and attended a Long Beach City Council meeting in regards to the petition, Oakley said.
Audio traffic signals are important to people who are visually impaired because they provide guidance to pedestrians using audible sound. Audible sounds that used vary from a simple tone, voice message or a distinct birdcall that informs visually impaired pedestrians when it is safe to cross the street.
Kerr said, “I started the petition on March, 25. I feel the progress is going quickly because I was talking to one of my advisers at Junior Blind of America (where she is currently doing her internship) and he told me it took 10 years to get the signal on Slauson and Alviso” near where she works.