Story By Samwell Favela / Staff Writer 

Tight turns, skillful switches from pushing to sitting on a cart and spirited homemade uniforms were seen throughout the Mini Grand Prix at the PCC on Thursday April 10.

The event is every year in honor of The Toyota Grand Prix in Downtown Long Beach. Clubs and organizations from LBCC are invited to participate in The Mini Grand Prix.

This year, the Ladies of Isis and the Men of Aztlan won first place for fastest relay. Not only did the Ladies of Isis win fastest relay, but they also took home most spirited and best cart.

“We feel very accomplished,” said president of Ladies of Isis, business major Jackie Cossio.

Another winner of the Mini Grand Prix was Elizebeth Waite, who won queen of the Mini Grand Prix. A total of five LBCC students were nominated and interviewed. Waite took  the title and a $250 scholarship for Fall of next year.

Waite said, “I am super impressed (with the Mini Grand Prix)! Like, wow… I didn’t even know who I was rooting for. I was just like, ‘Yeah, get it, race, be fast.”

The race almost didn’t happen this year because of staff budget cuts. Last Fall, Student Life managers canceled the annual event. But efforts where successful to revive the tradition.

Hilda Franco, event coordinator of the Mini Grand Prix, said, “They (the students) really did work to make this happen.”