By Elizabeth Cheruto / Staff writer


As many students do, I enrolled for my Spring classes without speaking to an academic counselor. So a few days before the beginning of the semester, I thought it would be worthwhile to go see a counselor.

To my surprise I had to change some classes on my enrollment list. When I enrolled I found out two out of the three classes were full, and I was put on their respective wait lists.

I was placed number 14 on the waiting list for communication 50 and number ten for communication 10. I had never been on a waiting list so I didn’t know what to expect. I attended the first Communication 50 class where all students were present except some on the waitlist. I was bumped from 10 to 6.

The teacher said she would determine who would make the cut depending on how many enrolled students came to the next class, which was two days away.

That Thursday, some enrolled and waitlisted students did not show up, so I was moved to number 2. The professor said she could only take 2 students on the waitlist. I was able to get my number and enroll for that class.

That gave me hope I would get into my Communication 10 class. Twelve people were absent for the following class, and I jumped to number four on the waitlist.

My hope was shaken when a student walked in after half an hour had passed. If three enrolled student walked in, then I would be out of luck. By the end of the three-hour class, no other enrolled students had walked in, and all four of us who were waitlisted were given a number to enroll.

I am now enrolled in both classes. The wait was nerve-wracking, but I found that the waitlist is worth waiting for, no matter what number you are.