I am contacting you in response to an article published on May 15 regarding the decision to reimburse professor Donna Prindle for supplies to care for rabbits.
Your reporter contacted me for information and opinion regarding reimbursement decision. In my optimism, I replied, hoping that the Viking would be an avenue to share the facts with students who were not able to attend our ASB meetings.
To my disappointment, the article published was skewed in one direction. Not only were none of the facts provided reported, I was referred to as “unyielding.” I’m not sure if the reporter just doesn’t know the definition of the word, or if they just weren’t present at all of the meetings to pass this kind of judgment, but it is incorrect.
The minutes will show that my actions have continually showed compromise. I do believe that Ms. Prindle has taken advantage of the student body by asking the current Cabinet, one filled with close friends, former students and volunteers, for money. Previous Cabinets have denied her request – repeatedly.
We do not advertise that ASB funds will pay for animal care so spending student money in that way seems dishonest. I also believe that the Cabinet handled this with emotion instead of reason and respect for the entire student body and it may be because of this emotion that my intent to be responsible with student funds was misinterpreted.
The bottom line is that anything associated with the District Rabbit Task Force was not the responsibility of students to pay. I have been called names for opposing rabbit reimbursement– mostly by my own cabinet. And, while it is hurtful, it does not define me. I am proud of the work I’ve done on ASB this semester. I stood up for compromise, I made educated decisions and I did it without name-calling or disrespect. I can say that I have 100 percent supported the interests of every student at LBCC, even the ones that I did not agree with.
You see, by asking ASB to take this issue to the student body for a vote, I was allowing everyone to have a voice, not just Ms. Prindle and her small group of supporters. Yesterday we appointed the incoming fall 2014 ASB cabinet and every new candidate stated that “compromise” was needed in conflict situations.
In the rabbit conflict, not one of the Prindle supporters offered up a compromise. It was always all or nothing. My hope for future students is that the future cabinet is true to its word.

Kristen Payne
ASB Representative of Arts