By Richard Mejia / Staff Writer

Within the large athletic community at LBCC, a small group of athletes unknown to the sanctioning organizations of the California Community College Athletic Association.
These unknown athletes belong to the intramural sports on campus and they are just as competitive as the players on the college’s organized teams.
Sociology major Raymond Torres, 23, said, “We focus on having fun, but the competition aspect of it is incredible. We may not be as big or athletic as the guys on the basketball or football teams, but we try our hardest every time we step out and play.”
In many cases, some of the students who participate in intramurals unfortunately lack experience playing a particular sport.
Some simply do not have the ability to dedicate the time and effort required to be a part of team at LBCC full-time.
With sports varying from flag football, soccer and basketball, intramurals offer plenty of opportunities for students to try out different games.
“We have practices and some film watching sessions, however, with the amount of time we dedicate to our schooling and hours we work at our jobs, being on a team would be almost impossible,” said Torres.
Being part of an intramural team is a different way these students can distract themselves from the stresses of school, work and just about anything else.
This type of outlet for students provides a way to get fit and socialize.
Engineering major Kristine Hutchins, 20, said, “I’ve met some great people here who I feel really close to.
“I can’t imagine college without this aspect and I truly feel that all students should try it at least once.”
The time and dedication that the students place in these “unrecognized” sports is one that is comparable to the athletes at LBCC.
They may not receive the recognition or the glory for their efforts, but their experiences seem to be more important.
For more information on how to participate in intramurals, students may contact the Office of Student Life at (562) 938- 4552.