By Richard Mejia / Staff Writer

As the Spring semester winds down, so do the active sports at LBCC.
Even though the season might be over, athletes and coaches use the Summer to perform numerous offseason tasks and prepare for the upcoming seasons.
LBCC offers a Summer course for athletes under kinesiology named “Off-Season Conditioning for Athletes”.
Without the pressures of performing at a high level in the classroom, the student-athletes on campus consider the Summer a great opportunity to hone their skills.
Sophomore football standout Keith Lakey said, “It is always hard to find that balance between practice and projects or assignments.
“With the offseason, I work my tail off in the gym and on the field to get as ready as possible for the season opener.”
In addition to bettering their athletic prowess, some take the near three months of Summer break to advance their sporting futures in another way.
Athletes varying from football, basketball, soccer and baseball, athletes participate in some form of offseason training program.
Freshman soccer middle fielder Rocio Hernandez said, “I’m going to take a class or two during the Summer so that I could speed up the transfer process.
“I’ve always wanted to play at a Division I school and I know that means that I have work hard on the (soccer) field and the classroom.”
LBCC has a rich tradition of sports as it boasts over 100 state and national championships across all sports.
That kind of legacy indicates hard work and dedication by not only the students, but also their coaches.
LBCC basketball coach Barry Barnes said, “We as coaches encourage our players to better themselves overall.
“During the offseason, that doesn’t just mean to work out, but also to make sure you’re on course to transfer, making up any classes, or just becoming a better son or daughter.”