By Samwell Favela / News Editor

During this year’s second annual Science Night at LBCC, five women were awarded for showing dedication and demonstrating a genuine curiosity for the human and physical world as seen through the lens of geography.
The awards were given to Lily Phay, Aniela Kusztelak, Cierra Peterson, Melissa Reyes and Salena Tach.
Paul Creason, dean of health, science and math, said, “Their dedication to learning and their outgoing cooperation and willingness to assist their peers make them deserving of this award.”
The awards were handed out to the winners by the Society of Woman Geographers on Friday May 16.
The awards can only be given if a member from the Society of Woman Geographers teaches at the Community College.
Professor Ray Sumner, from the physical science department, has been a long-time member of the society as well as a former chairperson of the Southern California chapter.