By Amanda Rodriguez

News Editor

LBCC’s Associated Student Body will be conducting special elections for president, vice president and secretary Tuesday, March 12 through Thursday, March 14.

Certain qualifications must be met before running for the executive positions. The eligibility section of the ASB Constitution states students must be enrolled in a minimum of six units at LBCC and have a valid College Services Card.

All members of the Cabinet must maintain a cumulative 2.5 G.P.A. In addition, students in ASB leadership positions must maintain a .65 completion ratio or higher. Article IV of the ASB Constitution states ASB executive members shall serve a one-year term if office and may occupy the same position consecutive years, but must be re-elected.

The ASB also has representative positions open for current LBCC students who may not meet the elected leadership position qualifications. For further information, students may visit the ASB office, located in the E Building at the LAC.

Although official qualifications have been set for all the candidates, other traits are important as ASB members look at candidates.

ASB Secretary Maria Lopez, in her first year in office said, “You have to be a team player. You have to be willing to take criticism.”

Lopez said a successful Cabinet is having different opinions and being able to work through them effectively.

About two weeks prior to elections, members of ASB will campaign at the PCC and the LAC. Speeches and an open forum are planned for students who want to participate.

LBCC students are encouraged to vote for the candidates. Locations for on-campus polling stations are still being determined.