The cover of the the 2014 issue of City Magazine.
The cover of the the 2014 issue of City Magazine.

By Albert Chavez / Social Media Editor

At the end of the Spring semester, journalism, art and photography students celebrate the publication of City Magazine.
This year, the staff wrote captivating stories about LBCC’s bathrooms, the importance of internships and one about a writer whose finger was snipped off.
The Spring 2014 issue was led by editor-in-chief Katie Cortez, who admits in her witty editorial to being a bit difficult at times to be around.
Cortez said, “I like showing students what to do who really didn’t know. Watching them excel in the writing, design and editing process.”
The art students were advised by Whitney Mokler and the photography students were advised by Vincent Partida.
The magazine class last Fall was filled with a lot of students who didn’t know a lot about writing, which at first was difficult. However, thanks to the talented editors, the stories were turned around and made into publishable pieces.
Cindy Frye, the magazine adviser, said, “We didn’t do anything differently this year. We had deadlines and met them. That’s what this industry is all about. If something ain’t broken, don’t fix it”
The layout by the design students were advised by Morgan Barnard while the photo students were advised last Fall by Neil Sharum.
“The graphic design students put out another award-winning layout,” Frye said.
The magazine is already on stands all across the LAC and the PCC.
Last year, the magazine featured a story about a family-owned sex shop, a story shining light about graffiti as an art and a thrilling piece about the dark history of former LBCC students.