By Kendall Harris and Madison Salter / Staff Writers


The new ASB Cabinet officers have been elected or appointed for the Fall semester. The student elections were open online and on campus May 14 and May 15. The results were posted May 16.
The new ASB president is Lokilani E. Hunt, who won with 140 votes. The vice president is Lauren C. Ho, who won with 113 votes.
The treasurer is Grant M. Cook, who won with 256 votes. The student trustee is David Root, who won with 156 votes.
Marlon Martinez is the representatives of arts and Daniel Toruno is representative of communications. Henry Estrada is the representative of volunteer services. Kevin Mehrdady is representative of student health and environment.
Joanna Martinez is representative of academic affairs and Suzanne Perucci is representative of legislative affairs.
Hunt said, “Starting with a fresh Cabinet and innovative perspectives, I am honored to represent our students in the upcoming year. As president, I will support pioneering branding initiatives for ASB that cultivates not only leadership, but teamwork as well.”
The Cabinet’s common goal is to make sure they are the voice of the student body. As stated on the LBCC website, “They represent LBCC students to faculty, staff, administrators, and legislators.”
Derek Oriee, ASB co-adviser, said, “ASB leaders learn how to delegate and work in group dynamics.” Though the elections are student-based and student-ran, some feel as if the ASB doesn’t make a big impact on their college career.
Vincent Sumigen, 19, a graphic design major, said, “I just don’t care that much about ASB. I come to school and that’s it. I haven’t noticed ASB activities at all.”
Student elections for the ASB are conducted every year during the Spring semester. Election applications are due five weeks before the end of the semester. Students are not only encouraged to voice their opinions on goals and concerns that they have about LBCC to the ASB Cabinet, but to also participate by serving on the Cabinet.
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