By Liliana Duarte / Staff Writer

The Looking Good, Feeling Good event will be Saturday, May 31, from noon-4 p.m. in T-1200 at the LAC.
Crittenton Services for Children and Families will be bringing children in to get haircuts, manicures and their make-up done.
Cosmetology schools and barbers will be providing services for the children. The goal for the event is to boost youngsters’ self-esteem. Cesar Salgado, vice president of Wraparound Services, said, “Many kids lack care and this event will make them feel more taken care of.”
He discussed how many children who are clients of theirs are going through problems.
Children will act up to not lose the care that Crittenton services is giving them. Salgado’s goal along with others who work for this company is to “improve their family dynamics.”
An arts and crafts section, a glamour shots photo booth, food and raffles are scheduled and a speaker will discuss self-esteem. Salgado is helping plan the event and said the goal is to “help heal the wounds of abuse and neglect to strengthen families with a birth, foster or adopted child and to help troubled adolescents reach their full potential.”