By Kendall Harris
Staff Writer

Visually-impaired students are petitioning to get audible traffic signals installed at the LAC.
Lindsay Kerr, 20, a liberal studies major, has started a petition along with other visually-impaired LBCC students to have the City of Long Beach place audible signals at intersections near the campus, especially the major crosswalk on Carson Street leading from Building A to Building T.
Students who are part of the Disabled Students Programs and Services have signed the necessary petitions to have the city install the signals. The petitions also went to LBCC’s Board of Trustees, now funding the project.
Kerr said, “One issue visually-impaired people encounter on a daily basis is crossing intersections because many do not have parallel traffic, which a visually impaired person depends on in order to cross an intersection.”
Many students and teachers who signed a petition are vocal about the intersections so the time-frame on having the signals installed is moving quickly.
Kevin Riley, a city traffic engineer associate, said, “We have the money for it appropriated. The equipment is being ordered. Hope they will be in place within the next month or two.”
Katie Simpson, 23, a physical education major, said, “I feel it’s important that students speak up on anything they see going on that they aren’t satisfied with.”