By Brittany Lieberman
Managing Editor

LBCC’s Cabinet cast a 10-1-3 vote on Monday, May 19 to compensate $23,974.00 to part-time kinesiology professor Donna Prindle for her efforts in decreasing the rabbit population on the LAC for more than four years.
Prindle formed a task force in 2009 to curb rabbit population on the LAC, which was causing damage to campus terrain.
Prindle said she was happy the decision was made, but sorry that it took up so much of the Cabinet’s time.
“The only reason we were successful in our efforts was because of the students. The students I met during that time made me a better person,” Prindle said.
Cabinet members said the decision to compensate Prindle has divided the Cabinet for at least two years.
In a May 5 meeting, ASB Rep. of Arts Kristen Payne, 38, an accounting and communications major, said, “Paying is not in the best interest of the ASB and is against district policies.”
PCC Student Life director Anita Gibbins recited a letter written by Vice President of Student Support Services Greg Peterson to the ASB Cabinet.
The letter stated the ASB would not be subjected to legal consequences should it decide to reimburse Prindle.
Student Rep. of the Arts Kristen Payne said campus maintenance is not the responsibility of the college services card fee students pay for during the beginning of each semester.
“We are in the process of changing a clause to the ASB Constitution that anything over $10,000 will be sent to the students for a vote because of this situation,” Payne said.
Student Rep of Athletics Ryan Langley said millions of dollars worth of damage to the LAC would have occurred without Prindle’s efforts.
Langley said, “She wasn’t just looking for payment. She really wanted to better this campus for the students.”