By Shannon Murphy
News Editor

Five students were awarded the Viking Award, LBCC’s most prestigious prize, on Thursday, May 22.
One of the winners, Andrea Donado, 28, a gender studies major and student trustee, wants to make political documentaries with a focus on women’s issues.
Donado said, “It is an honor for me to be one of the winners of this award.  I have served LBCC students for about two years and I feel that more than what I have earned is what I have learned.  The experience has been amazing and everything that has come to me couldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the support of the students. I think this award does not just honor me, but all LBCC students, who are my real inspiration.”
Another winner, David Root, 48, an auto body collision and repair major, said, “My plans are to transfer to a state university to obtain my teaching credentials and my dream is to come back to LBCC and teach. If I had to choose one thing to say as my favorite thing about LBCC it would have to be the diversity of the students and staff that embodies the tradition the school has stood for.” Root was also recently elected as student trustee for Fall 2014 through Spring 2015.
Recipient Marco Mendoza, 20, a sociology major and ASB President, said, “I hope to one day become a higher education administrator. I am very honored and humbled to have been awarded the Viking award. It is an achievement I will always treasure and remember fondly from my time at LBCC.”
Tanuomaaleu Ah You, 40, a music major, is another honoree and wants to transfer to a university to complete his education in music or music therapy.
You said, “Winning the Viking Award is a great honor. To be nominated with an elite group of students is a privilege. I believe all the Viking Award recipients share one thing in common and that is we continue to be involved in and out of the classroom and continue to be of service in our community.”
Winner Bradford Brown, 20, an economics major, said, “I want to start my own non-profit aimed at helping youth in low-income areas realize their academic and career aspirations. I am exuberant to win this award, it makes me feel that I’ve made a difference at LBCC and is further motivation to help out the greater Los Angeles area, then eventually the world.”