by Liliana Duarte
Staff WriterWhen the men of Thor were handed their trophy, everyone screamed.
Television came alive during the 63rd annual Spring Sing on Friday, May 9, with The Order of Thor winning the coveted sweepstakes award.
Levis Kong, 20, an economics major who is a member of the club, said, “It feels amazing. I know I have to give it up to my guys. We spent a good amount of time, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”
Spring Sing is a chance for students, alumni and employees to show any talents they have as long as they sing.
Clubs compete in three categories: individual, group, and club.
Kristen Payne, ASB representative of arts and chairperson of the event, said, “This year a new category was added. The curtain call award is for alumni or previous LBCC students who wanted to come back and participate.”
The judges were leaders of Student Life.
Many different talents were showcased. Solo acts and dancing were performed and poems were read. Some people played instruments, others sang opera and some rapped.
Lindsay Alexis, 22, a music major, came ready to perform and said, “I’m excited. It’s just a couple of songs I wrote. It’s fun to get the exposure.”
When returning from intermission the Order of Thor, a men’s social-service club, performed its skit, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”
Spring Sing ended with TNT, LBCC’s oldest women’s social-service club, performing its skit, “Rugrats.”
While judges decided on the winner, Alexis took the stage again and entertained the audience.
Every act was awarded a certificate of participation as well as other awards.
After nine of the 16 total acts performed there was a scheduled 10-minute intermission. During the break Patrick Rosal, 23, a music major, went to the stage to perform.
Rosal said, “It’s my first Spring Sing event. It’s cool to be a part of it.
Just watching people perform in the contest is pretty cool. Whenever an opportunity like this is given to me, of course I’ll take it.”

Ticket sales champions: Thor
First Place Solo performance: Stefan Jevtic
First Place Group performance: Shoe String Sax Quintet
Best Choreography: Nakia Hester
Best Props/Stage Design: Athena
Best Costume Design: Shirley Gooding
Best Vocals: Eliezer Berdugo and Justine Albellera
Curtain Call Award: Lindsay Alexis (Alumni)
First Place Club, Women’s Division: TNT, “Rugrats”
First Place Club Men’s Division: Tong, “Power Rangers”
Best Female Dramatic Performance: Keleen “Leo” (Athena)
Best Male Dramatic Performance: Levis Kong “Carlton” (Thor)
Sweepstakes Winner: Thor, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”