LBCC is one of the colleges where the student body can decided if they want to consume cigarettes on campus between classes.
We as a student body agree that e-cigs and regular cigarettes shouldn’t be banned from the LBCC. We should keep the current status and it should be kept on certain areas only.
Even though some time last year LBCC was going to go to “smoke-free campus” for the fact that it’s not healthy, it would be a positive change. E-cigs vaping is not allowed in classrooms, food courts, halls or bus stops.
The vapor smokers are getting treated the same as regular cigarettes, some smokers mask the e-cig pen and consume other substances then tobacco. Smoking is not a bad idea, but we as student body should be responsible on where to consume it as we please, some of us take it as stress reliever and other for social contact but rules should be applied to everyone.
If not the police department should cite anyone who doesn’t follow the rules on smoking and they should get penalized. Students started a motion on requesting a “non-smoking” campus unfortunately only 130 signed the petition, due to a low ratio of signatures it didn’t qualify to go through the ASB Cabinet. The motion needed at least 500-1000 student signature to be processed.
The city of Long Beach just passed a law about vaping, saying, “If the sign says you cant smoke cigarettes, it also means you cannot vape” the reason being that vaping is so new to the market and became popular so fast.
No age limit has been set to vape smokers, you do have to be 18+ to purchase tobacco products.
One major problem that our campuses have is littering and dropping cigarettes butts at all around campus littering is a big problem at LBCC one thing still being debated on who is going to be responsible for the citation when fellow students are not following rules?
The LBPD or campus security for now will only give warnings to the people who don’t follow the law. With construction taking place all over the LBCC it will be stressful for students to look closely for the designated smoking areas if they choose to take a smoke break between classes.