By Samwell Favela
News Editor

Local talent was brought together at LBCC on Thursday, May 8, to participate in the annual Soundwave event, presented by the radio and TV broadcasting program.
College Radio Day, a Fall event, is also celebrated throughout other colleges in the nation. The radio and TV broadcasting program wanted to have the same event with the same atmosphere for the students in Spring, and the organizers decided to present Soundwave exclusive to LBCC.
Soundwave performing acts were recorded either in the radio station, on air and television, or in the broadcasting studio.
Artists Lion Heart, Chad Bishop and Bob performed and were interviewed on KLBC.
Bishop performed at last year’s Soundwave event.
Bishop said “I was a student here three years ago. I love the people I met.”
The TV broadcasting program used all new equipment, which made for better filming quality.
Currently the radio program is trying to do the same and update its equipment.
D.A. Phillips, a member of the multimedia journalism program, said, “We’re trying to work on sponsors like Carls Jr. It would make a big difference.”
This year was the second Soundwave to take place, with Elizabeth Waite, 21, a communications major and Phillips, hosting the event.
“I still get camera shy,” said Waite, with Phillips agreeing.
Waite and Phillips are familiar with hosting a radio show, but for Soundwave they had to be on camera to introduce each act.
Phillips said, “You have to put more personality into it.”
The idea for Soundwave came to light when the radio and television broadcasting program created College Radio Day.