By Kendall Harris
Staff Writer

Developing Afro-American Professionals hosted the first DAAP symposium Friday, May 16, from 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at the LAC in T-1200.
Continental breakfast and lunch were provided.
The theme of the event is Developing Afro-American Professionals and focused on the subjects of professional communication, career development, education, advocacy and culture.
Denise Phelps, one of the founders of DAAP, said, “It’s important for students to attend because the symposium will be very informative.
“It will help students become leaders and have them take pride in their college, while giving them structure and balance in their lives, advancing them in their careers by having them develop their networking skills.
DAAP’s outcome for the conference is to have persons attending who plan on or are taking part of continual development of professional, academic and social protocol, as well as being exposed to professional educators, high level authorities and administrators.”
Briana Sholes, 23, dance major, said, “I think this is a perfect opportunity for not just me but other students. It’s hard trying to network and find resources on your own. This day is specifically for people to network and put themselves out there for the working world.”
The conference planned five breakout sessions led by educational professionals talking about being successful in their specific field.
There were opportunities to talk to professionals and individuals who want to succeed.
Business casual attire is required.
People interested in future DAAP events may go to