By Alejandro Nicolas
Staff Writer

Traditional Aztec fire dancers performed in front of the PCC student union May 7, beating drums and lighting herbs but absolutely no fire.
Students gathered outside snapping pictures and listening intently to the native rhythm.
Liz Waite, 21, a communications major, hosted the event and said, “They’re doing this for Cinco de Mayo.”
Martin Tellez, the director wearing a jaguar headdress, led a group of four, including a baby, Cuauhtémoc Tellez, who sometimes contributes to the family’s music.
Lupe Tellez said, “We travel to different states with other native groups bringing awareness of Mexican indigenous history and culture.”
Vicente Tellez danced in the center to the beat of the drum.
The family said the people in Meso-America are more indigenous than many may realize and they are happy to share those traditions with the public.