By Thomasina Cotton
Staff Writer
(Editor’s note: This version has been updated. In the original we incorrectly identified ASB President Marco Mendoza as Marcos Espinoza. We also felt the correct version of the article was not printed. The Viking apologizes for any confusion.)

During the Monday, May 5 ASB Cabinet meeting, members again delayed deliberations on reimbursements to LBCC kinesiology teacher Donna Prindle for her help with the LAC rabbits.
ASB President Marco Mendoza introduced PCC Student Life director Anita Gibbins, who addressed the issue.
On behalf of Prindle, a former athletics coach, Gibbins recited a letter written by Vice President of Student Support Services Greg Peterson.
The letter stated the ASB would not be subjected to legal consequences should it decide to reimburse Prindle for the cost of the bunny rescue project.
Peterson’s letter listed questions from the state’s ASB accounting manual for the Cabinet to review, while considering if paying is within the guidelines.
Speaking to the student government leaders in T1200 Gibbins added, “As a trust account you can make a decision to pay this.”
Despite a 6-3-2 vote in favor of a $28,000 repayment to Prindle during the March 17 Cabinet meeting and a petition signed by 400 LBCC students in support of the reimbursement, the issue remains unresolved.
Absent during the March vote, ASB Rep of Arts Kristen Payne, 38, an accounting and communications major, expressed opposition to the reimbursement and said, “Paying is not in the best financial interest of the ASB and is against district policies.”
Payne later added, “If Ms. Prindle said she would do it herself, then she is going back on her word and breaching the agreement by asking for money.”
Acknowledging the rabbit population was greater than first perceived, Prindle said, “The two- month project turned into a four-year one.”
Sitting next to Prindle, a volunteer in the rescue, Claudia Limas, 21, an anthropology major, was surprised by the opposition and said the Cabinet is overlooking the facts.
“It is unfair for them to continue postponing when Donna has provided all the legal receipts and documents. She is not asking to be paid, but reimbursed for the helpful service she provided to LBCC,” Limas said.
ASB bank bursar Stacey Robinson was in attendance to report that $23,974 worth of receipts has been verified, which resulted in a motion from the Cabinet to declare amending the agenda to reflect the updated amount.
After attending the Monday, May 12 meeting, Prindle said, “My stress and frustration continues. For the first time this semester, not enough Cabinet members showed up, preventing a vote because of the lack of a quorum.”
At the May 5 meeting, members discussed including clear reimbursement policies to their Constitution, though the change is not on the May 13 agenda.
Student activities adviser Derek Oriee said, “There are proposed changes to the ASB Constitution that will go to special election in the Fall.”
Also, discussions have taken place between the vice presidents of the PCC and the LAC to eliminate the PCC Student Council and create a combined body of Cabinet members.
Oriee said, “More information will be available when the Constitution is ready for ballot.”