By Nick Steele
Sports Editor

Students who saw the graffiti on the bridge across Carson Street linking the two sides of the LAC said it sets a bad example and is an immature way to express one’s self.
Over Mother’s Day weekend, someone tagged on the newly renovated bridge.
Jose Salazar, a neurobiology major, said, “If the person who did this isn’t punished and there aren’t any real consequences then someone isn’t doing their job. It sets a bad example. It’s a morally grave dilemma in the community that shouts rebellion.”
Kevin Maldanado, a business major, said, “It sets a bad example. I don’t think it sets a good vibe.”
Student Ruben Madrid said, “I could’ve done this in the dark. They’re just trying to bring attention to a small group of random acts.
“It’s more like vandalism. It’s stupid and depressing. It’s trifling to put negative feelings on people.”
Most students said they were upset walking by for the first time Monday morning and seeing the graffiti.
Jeff Wheeler, an English teacher, said, “It’s just messed up. It’s been years since it’s been painted.”