By Brittany Lieberman
Managing Editor

ASB Cabinet elections for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and student trustee were underway Wednesday, May 14 on the PCC, and Thursday, May 15, on the LAC, with results announced Friday, May 16.
Students could vote online at Life/ASB or in person in Building A on the LAC or at the Student Union on the PCC .
Students interested in appointed positions could turn in applications to the Office of Student Life in E119 or EE102 by Friday, May 16, at noon.
Appointed positions include representative of athletics, communications, legislative affairs, academic affairs, arts and student health.
ASB co-adviser Derek Oriee said ASB leaders learn how to delegate and work in group dynamics.
Oriee said, “It teaches you how to disagree with and still be friends with your colleagues and that it’s OK to argue as long as they are legitimate arguments.”
Lokilani Hunt, a philosophy and political science major, ran for ASB president. Lauren Christine Ho, an English major, ran for ASB vice president. David Root, an auto body technology major, ran for student trustee. Grant Cook, an engineering major, ran for treasurer.
Applications are available at Life/ASB.
Interviews for appointed positions were Monday, May 19, at 2 p.m. in T1200 on the LAC during the Cabinet meeting.