By Brandon Richardson / Staff Writer


Construction is nothing new at LBCC. Year after year, projects are started before others are finished.

The construction of the $52.1 million math and science building is still underway at the LAC on the corner of Clark Avenue and Carson Street, and will continue through mid-2015. As with previous years, this activity caused much grief amongst students over parking and the sounds of construction can be heard clear across Carson throughout the LAC.

One of the newest inconveniences caused by the ongoing construction is the blocking off of many of the school’s internal footpaths.

“I felt like I had Alzheimer’s, I couldn’t even find the parking lot,” said Leonia Earl, an undeclared major.

As far as the difficulty of maneuvering through campus is concerned, staff and students can rest assured that central campus construction is nearly complete.

Walter Luna, a foreman with Pima Construction, said, “As long as we don’t run into any problems, we should be done in about four months. You never know what you’ll find underground, you know?”

Luna reported a few minor setbacks while digging, but remains confident that the Quad and fire lane running between Buildings A and E will be completed shortly after the end of the Spring semester in June.

Luna said, “A little patience. We’re trying to make the campus a better place for you guys.”

Once Luna’s crew’s work on the campus is completed, the fences will come down and students will be able to maneuver through campus more easily, as well as have a brand-new Quad for socializing and studying.

Dr. Meena Singhal, associate vice president for the PCC, was unavailable for comment on the progress of construction on the PCC.

As well as the troubles of navigating campus, certain classes been relocated. The Nursing and related health departments were recently relocated from the C Building, which is being stripped down to the studs and retrofitted, to the M Building across campus.

Debi Beitler, a registered nurse teacher, joked, “There were minor inconveniences during the move. Just trying to find things in boxes, but we finally found our skeleton.”

She went on to say that the department was told that the C Building is scheduled to be completed in two years. “So I’m guessing four. I’ll be very happy if we get in before that.”

So, as students are nearing clear paths and a new Quad, the Nursing and related health departments are in it for the long haul.