By Alejandro Nicolas / Staff Writer


Mario Ivan Palafox, 22, accused in a fatal crash last May near the LAC, appeared in Long Beach court Tuesday, April 29, and was scheduled for a pre-trial conference on Wednesday, May 21 in Long Beach at 8:30 a.m. in department S-20.

Palafox was charged last year for one count of vehicular man-slaughter and one count of hit-and-run that involved the killing of Elaine Logay on the corner of Carson Street and Clark Avenue.

Attempts to reach Elizabeth Warner-Sterkenburg, Palafox’s new public defender, were unsuccessful.

Palafox’s official status is “bail to stand,” which means he may or may not be incarcerated and his bond has not yet been cleared.

Palafox’s still is in the pre-trial stage, which eventually will lead to an official trial.

Michael Suzuki of the public defenders office said, “I presume he’s out on bail.”

The criminal clerks office said, “He pleaded not guilty to all counts. The minutes did not specify whether he’s in custody or not.”