By Kendall Harris / Staff Writer


ok and reference guide will be available to students during registration week at the Campus Student Stores.

Dean of Student Affairs, Physical Education and Athletics Connie Sears and her team, sports specialist Chris Ruiz and Student Life Ashlee Wilkins, coordinated on the project.

The idea for the handbook came about due to 90 percent of the students wondering where to go, how to look for things on campus and who to talk to when they didn’t have a computer by them.

The goal was to inform LAC students on new classes, events and schedules happening on the PCC. An app for smartphones is currently in the works, according to PCC Vice President Meena Singhal.

It will include all the information in the student handbook, but will have more frequent updates on what’s happening with both campuses.
Ruiz said, “We wanted to have as much information in one spot for the students as possible.”

The handbook and app will include information of financial aid, important dates, student services, study resources, clubs and question and answers.

One of the challenges the employees faced when it came to students was how to use their college services card. Most students pay the fee and think it was only good for low-cost books and low-cost parking passes.

Sears and her coordinators decided to add a detailed page that talks about all the perks that come with the card, student accident insurance, membership to the LBS Financial Credit Union, free admission to LBCC athletic events and other benefits.

Sears said, “The goal is to explain the services and how to access all contacts for each department of the school. It will be a wealth of information to help support the students and succeed during their time at LBCC.”

The handbook is broken down by how to find help with instructional aid and student support.

The book incorporates how students can find help when it comes to their academics and how to find help when it comes to Student Life and student conduct.

The catalogue will not replace any of LBCC catalogue or the website.