By Shannon Murphy / News Editor


Fliers promoting the Anthropology Student Association’s transgender awareness event, Defying the Gender Binary, have been torn down by unknown people.

Patricia Peters, the Anthropology Student Association’s president and Student Senate Representative, said, “I placed fliers in Building T on Monday and Wednesday morning after class. I am saddened to say that within hours of posting, it was torn down.”

The fliers were posted on the LAC in buildings T, F, P the College Center Nordic Lounge and the Food Court.

Fliers posted in the Nordic Lounge and Food Court have been targeted while fliers in Buildings P and F remain untouched. The culprits and their reasons remain unknown.

“I find it odd that in a city as diverse as Long Beach and with a student body that represents that diversity such hostility would occur,” Peters said.

The scheduled event will be Tuesday, May 6, at 3 p.m. It will consist of two guest speakers, Darya, a transgender female, and Kevin, a transgender male. They will speak until 4 p.m. and have a question and answer segment.

Nancy Melucci, a teacher and department head of Social Sciences, said, “Our hope in creating this event is to raise awareness within the community and create an open dialogue with those who are in the transgender community.”