By Marleen Ledesma / Co-CityStyle Editor

The admissions building at the LAC provides an area for students that can be used to get away from class and noise, which can help them study for an exam or allow them to concentrate to get homework done.

The inner courtyard is a closed space surrounded by Building A. It is open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Students may socialize or do homework peacefully. It can also be used for interviews for on-campus jobs or to spend time alone listening to music.

Students said they enjoy the peacefulness of the area. The gardens and rays of sunlight provide a nice vibe for students and there is shade for hot days.

Julia Lara, 18, an aerospace engineering major, said, “I like the flowers and garden they have. It makes me feel like I am at school.”

Student Sean Cardenas, 23, a microbiology major, said, “It has a very nice presentation, very calm.”

Many people have said this place has a different feeling from the Nordic Lounge area next to the Food Court. The student lounge known as the Fish Bowl is more occupied and noisier than the A Building area.