By Kendall Harris / Staff Writer


The Art 31 intermediate class met outside Monday, March 24, and their main focus was to discuss their journey so far on a 6-part series.

Meeting outside with the students was a matter of convenience for the six-person group. Teacher Cathy Stone said, “We are meeting outside because we didn’t want to disturb the rest of the class.”

Stone went around to each student and asked where they are so far in their journey with their own pieces.

She advised the students on what they might need to change in terms of their art medium and made sure they felt confident in where they are with each individual piece.

Each student works on a single piece of stand-alone art and from there the final work will be their 6-piece series.

Also they will include what the context of each piece holds and the statement it is making.

Stone said, “We’re having a showcase in the class in the next three weeks for the students.

“It will be a critique and conversation on their successes and failures through the journey of their pieces.”

Malia Working, an art major, said, “I am working on an art series that touches on transparency through mixed media and exploring the textures and content.”

The class meets Monday and Wednesday mornings in the K Building.