By Kendall Harris / Staff Writer


A new way to communicate to students has become a priority for the PCC.

Campus officials are revamping not only the buildings, but also the website to create a bigger buzz for students who don’t know a lot of information about the PCC.

The goal for all the new updates is to get more students who usually try to get classes at the LAC to have them take advantage of the new opportunities and classes now open at PCC.

To get more students involved, campus officials are making sure they are up to date with the times. PCC Associate Vice President Meena Singhal said, “We’re working on making sure PCC gets a bigger audience. We’re currently working on a phone app and student handbook that will include resources such as financial aid, calendars and special events. It’s to help the student navigate themselves toward the right college experiences.”

Already, the campus has its website operating and it features a newsletter. The monthly letter, “What’s New@PCC,” is overseen by the associate vice president’s office. It details events happening at the campus and the community around the campus. Pictures for the months showcase the participation and student involvement.

For February, the newsletter introduced the new playground for the Child Development Center called The Beach. The newsletter mentioned the outdoor playground was put in not only for the purpose of child’s play, but also to help early childhood education students study motor skill activities through the children.

Student Luis Rodriguez, 26, a pre-law major, said, “I think it’s awesome that PCC is trying to put more effort in getting their name out there. I have taken a couple of classes on the campus and I really love how small it is.

“It’s more intimate and I feel there are a lot of things that happen over here and people at LAC never really get to see that. So having a newsletter or app will really improve the overall agenda of the campus.”

On the PCC-linked website employees also include a guide to contacting each department, including web resources and phone numbers.

PCC student Alicia Abraham, 19, an undecided major, said, “I am happy that they put something like this up. It’s very helpful because before when I would try to find anything about PCC on the LBCC page it would be hard, or I wouldn’t be able to find anything at all.”

Information on PCC, classes and special events may be found at