The Long Beach election season will introduce a new mayor, LBCC Trustee  Roberto Uranga is advancing to the Long Beach City Council and two new LBCC Board members, Sunny Zia for Area 3 and Virginia Baxter for Area 5, will take office this Summer.

We welcome and congratulate our new Board members and look forward to working with them. We appreciate their dedication to the students and will support them whichever way we can to improve the quality of the LBCC community.

We hope the mudslinging that often comes with political campaigning ends and members focus on maximizing students’ potential and time spent at LBCC.

We urge the Board to prioritize the students’ best interest before their own agendas. Although it’s impressive and ambitious of Uranga to possibly hold seats on both the Board and City Council, both positions require a lot of work and could lead to conflicts of interest.

Also, we recommend that Baxter fully retire as LBCC Foundation director while she serves on the Board to avoid any possible conflict of interest. She has done an outstanding job as director.

We wish all the luck to resigning Board member Mark Bowen and retiring Board member Tom Clark. Their service to the college is much appreciated.

Long Beach has 285,029 registered voters, but only 40,589 cast ballots or 14 percent. We highly encourage all residents to exercise their right to vote, especially in a time where people in foreign countries are fighting for their lives for the right to vote.

By law, employees are given time off from work to get to the polls. Those 86 percent of registered voters in Long Beach who did not vote, and those who did not register, shouldn’t complain about the results. Uranga appears to have avoided a run-off with his closest opponent by a mere 11 votes. This situation proves that every vote counts.

Everyone is encourages to vote again in the student elections in May and again on June 3 throughout California.