Struggling students may seek support at the Student Success Centers.

On the PCC and the LAC, there are Student Success Centers have the sole purpose of providing students with free tutoring and studying services, and supplemental materials required for a number of classes.

Anthony Martinez, 22, a business major, said, “If it wasn’t mandatory for some of my classes, I wouldn’t have known about it.”

The Multidisciplinary Success Center is in EE206 on the PCC and the Math Success Center in D103, Multidisciplinary Success Center is in L212 and the Writing and Reading Success Center in E09L all on the LAC.

At the centers, students may walk in or set up appointments, depending on which center, for general tutoring.

The tutoring sessions range from 15 to 30 minutes.

For certain math and English classes, it is mandatory to go to the centers to complete directed learning activities, or DLAs.

The packets focus on a specific topic that students work through on their own and is reviewed with them by a tutor when they are finished.

Zabdi Herbert, 20, a human services major said, “I didn’t know about it for an entire semester. But now everytime I don’t get the homework I come here for help.”

Aside from several math and English courses, help is offered in nursing, culinary arts, counseling, health, science and trade classes that require center time.

When discussing how he feels about mandatory center visits, Martinez said, “It’s unnecessary. If you understand the topic, the tests should be evidence enough. We shouldn’t have to come here to do extra work.”

Before the mandatory center visits were implemented, LBCC administrators noticed students were having difficulty passing the same classes semester after semester.

After researching other school’s success centers, they began to implement them for those classes.

Sundee Dominguez, math success center coordinator, said, “It is mandated by the school, not the instructors. It is like a lab component to their class, but they (students) get to choose when they go into the center to complete their activities.”

Beyond DLAs and general tutoring, the centers offer guided study groups led by tutors and workshops that are led by professors.

Also, just before finals, they have special workshops in which a professor and a full class will work through a study guide together.