Sarah Bostic, 25, a geology major and supplemental geology instructor,
Sarah Bostic, 25, a geology major and supplemental geology instructor,

By Katie Cortez / Contributing Writer

Sarah Bostic, 25, has been studying geology for the past two years.

As a supplemental instructor for Douglas Britton’s Geology 3 historical geology class, Bostic has the opportunity to not only help Britton with grading tests and assignments, but she is able to teach the students from her personal experiences and knowledge in the geology field.

To apply for the paid supplemental instructor position, Bostic said students have to receive a B grade or higher, go to all of the field trips for that class and go through a grueling interview process with the professor.

The four-unit class is difficult, but requires no prerequisite. Bostic advises that students at least take Geology 1, Intro to Geology, before taking Geology 3. Throughout the semester, students must memorize more than 26 samples and of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, as well as 46 fossils. The students also are required to take three of four field trips to complete the course.

“We just got back from a weekend trip to the Mojave Desert yesterday (March 23). It was a fun time, except for the fact that I slipped and fell,” Bostic said, pulling up her sleeve to reveal a medium-sized scrape along her forearm.

As for the rocks in the geology lab that the students use to study, those are supplied by the school and the professors, Bostic said.
The exceptionally large ones, however, are donated solely by the professors. “I brought back a small lava bomb from last weekend’s trip,” Bostic said. “But we have one that’s more than triple that size from the Pisgah crater located in Mojave.”

Studying rocks may not seem like the most interesting subject, but Bostic loves “Going through time by period and figuring out what the changes were through a 9 million year time span.”

The geology program is tailored to geology students transferring to Cal State Long Beach, in that the classes are easily transferable to the university.