By Nick Steele / Sports Editor

South Coast Conference Commissioner Jim Sartorius received recommendations from athletic directors of the LBCC Vikings and Desert College Roadrunners on how long suspensions were going to be for all players involved in the Nov. 16 football brawl.

“Most recommendations were accepted,” Sartorius said.

All players who were ejected during the last play of the game last season cannot play in the first game of the Fall season.

The rules state that if a player comes onto the field during a fight from the bench, he or she will be suspended for the following game.

The athletic directors along with the commissioner watched the tapes to decide whether the player was fighting, defending himself from a hit or trying to keep his teammate from fighting.

Players were not ejected who were not determined to be fighting.

LBCC athletic director Joe Cascio did not release the players’ names.

Sartorius and Cascio did not report what penalties the sophomore players who have finished their LBCC athletic ability would face.

The brawl began when the Vikings tried to run out the clock and the running back fumbled on Desert’s sideline. Two Vikings attempted to recover the ball and the two teams began shoving. Shoves turned into punches.

Viking players stormed across the field. The fight lasted several minutes. Haymakers and helmets flew.

Coaches and police finally got the fight under control. No arrests were made and the game was called with about two minutes to play.