Richard Meija / Staff Member

With the always-trending innovations in technology, only a few creations have the ability to alter the everyday life of all individuals and on the cusp of that life-changing ability is the emerging digital currency known as bit coin.

Bit coin is the first decentralized digital currency that allows those who use it to make purchases and enter contracts with their programmable money. The innovation has sparked minds all over the world, but in particular, here in Long Beach.

Communications major and entrepreneur Jose Sandoval, 23, has taken the initiative to invest in bit coin and to help others thrive in it.

Sandoval created his small business, The Bit Pros, with the goal of having all small businesses in Long Beach accept bit coin as a form of payment. Sandoval said, “Bit coin is sometimes too technical for many businesses and people interested in getting involved in it. I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a name for ourselves and also educate businesses on the benefits of bit coin.”

Through The Bit Pros, Sandoval will assist businesses to set up their virtual accounts and educate the staff on how to operate the required software to accept and maintain bit coin. In addition he also plans to help businesses  spread the word of their new accepted form of payment through social media and other forms of advertising.

For the past few months Sandoval has spent countless hours visiting small businesses across the city pitching his vision and attempting to convince them that accepting bit coin will prove beneficial to their establishments.

In addressing the technical and practical bit coin needs of small businesses. Sandoval aims to enlighten the city of Long Beach in what seems to be the next great technological advancement. “The widespread adoption of bit coin won’t just prove to be great for the individual businesses, but it’ll bring Long Beach a step closer to the next digital age”, says Sandoval.

In his highly motivated and ambitious efforts , Sandoval is out to prove that the time for the small businesses of Long Beach to advance their technological efforts is now.