Ana Maria Ramirez / Staff Writer

AdCamp installed five new kiosks at the LAC to make students aware of campus surroundings, news events, sports and other important information.

Mario Mariscal, 19, an undecided major, said, “I have only read the newspaper once. The title of the heading of the paper caught my attention. It was regarding the car accident that happened last Spring 2013 semester. I was unaware of news racks all over campus.”

Kimmsann Em 27, a business administration major, said, “I pick up a paper when passing by a news rack and I sit down to read. “
It costs money to have new stands installed. Richard Garcia, associate director of community relations and marketing, said, “The college generates $75 per month in fees from ADCAMP, Inc. to host the news stands on campus. The kiosks were purchased and installed by ADCAMP, Inc.”

Jose Rivera, 35, a nursing major, said, “There’s lots of interesting stories that grab my attention. I tend to read only the first page of the newspaper and move on with my daily activities.”

Dan Zusman, owner of AdCamp, said, “There is no cost to utilize the kiosks at the campus. There is a recycling bin at the bottom of the kiosk and we usually take the newspaper to the nearest recycling center unless the campus tells us otherwise. The price to run an ad on one of our kiosks depends on multiple factors therefore pricing varies. PCC does not have any new kiosks at the time. It’s up to the campus if they want to install one.”