By Samwell Favela / Staff Writer

It’s an open diary for all LBCC students to read and post their own personal secrets, and the best part about it, it’s all anonymous.College confession pages have been sprouting up on Facebook for the past year, with popular confessions going viral on the Internet thanks to sites like promoting them. The confessions are all anonymous and none of the pages are run by school administrators or employees. Most popular confession pages from universities, but hardly any community colleges have reached a heavy following, let alone even have one.

The LBCC Confession’s page made its debut appearance on Facebook Jan. 30, 2013. Since then, the page has over 2,500 “Likes,” making it the most popular community college confession page in the area. It is not run by LBCC’s employees, but it might not even be run by an LBCC student either.The administrator, commonly known as “Admin,” likes to keep the identity anonymous and because the page was made in 2013, the administrator could have been a student, but has since then graduated or stopped attending.

Well, the Viking newspaper staff can confirm Admin has been verified and is a current student.Admin has personally spoken to certain Viking staff members and agreed to be interviewed under certain restrictions: to keep the identity a secret and clarify the contents of the page do not reflect the views of LBCC or the page administrator.

“I want to keep it anonymous because certain things will go unsaid,” Admin said.

The Admin understands that if people find out who runs the page, even the smallest detail if it is either male or female, certain topics people want to confess won’t be submitted or people on the site will try to get Admin’s attention. It has also occurred to the Admin that if their identity is revealed, they might get kicked out of school.

So if the Admin can get in trouble, why would he or she even start it?

It started with a crush and a bit of jealousy. The Admin wanted to find out if the person they fancied reciprocated the same feelings and the page administrator also felt that it if university can have a confession page, then why can’t a Community College? “Just because we’re a Community College, doesn’t mean we should be excluded.”

Admin stopped running the page for two months, but when the person the Admin was smitten crossed their path again, the inspiration to run the page was engaged.

Being Admin is a solo job with strict rules set in place. “I never post anything negative about teachers, only positive. I also ban people when others have asked me to, for logical reasons, like if they’re being sexist or homophobic,” Admin said.

On the one-year anniversary of the page’s debut, Admin surprised people who follow the site with flashback confessions, where popular confessions from the past year were posted on photos of the LBCC campus.”I was really inspired by Beyonce. She surprised fans with her album, I surprised the followers with flashback posts. Even my profile picture resembles her album cover.”Jokingly, they mentioned they wouldn’t mind going by the name of Admin Fierce.

All jokes aside, Admin doesn’t know exactly what will become of the page when they are longer a student here.”I might just end it without telling anyone or might make a game out of it. Like, hide a note in a book in the library and have it say, ‘Hey! Congratulations! You just got a great opportunity…”Although the Admin does not want students or employees to know who is running it or what is going to happen to the page, they do want to say, “Thank you for helping me get through one of the darkest periods of my life. I owe you all my life.”