By Madison Salter / Staff Writer

The last day for students to drop a class was Tuesday, Nov. 12, before 11p.m. It’s the last chance for students to drop a class and receive a “W” on their transcripts.  A “W” or withdrawal will not be counted against a student’s grade point average.  However, if students do not withdraw from a class before the drop date, they will be forced to receive a letter grade. This letter grade will affect a student’s grade point average.

Jessica Quezada, 20, a computer sports specialist major, said “ I dropped trigonometry because I was failing,  I’ll take it next semester, only if I need to though.” Students are only allowed to take a class three times regardless if they have withdrawn or received a letter grade.

Monica Math, 19, a Japanese language major, said, “ No I have never dropped out of a class. I know people who are thinking about dropping, their probably failing and don’t want their GPA to go down.” Students who have withdrawn from more than fifty percent of their total cumulative total until are subject to academic probation. If a student has a cumulative total of 80 units but they have dropped 41 units, they are subject to academic probation. Academic probation is placed on a student for two consecutive semester. If the student does not improve, they are prone to dismissal from the college.

Edgardo Solido, 20, a computer engineer major, said, “I dropped a physics class last semester, mostly because it didn’t really fit into my schedule.” Solido said that physics is a class that you need to be mentally prepared for. He said he felt the was not prepared for physics. All students enrolled in an eight week course have until Monday, Nov. 25 to withdraw from a course.

Students may contact the Admission and Records office if they have any questions.