Madison Salter
Madison Salter

Trying to cross the street from the T building to the main campus has become a huge hassle due to flyer crazed people. Simply waiting to cross the street in peace does not exist. Instead people are constantly bombarding students with flyers or trying to get students to sign a petition. Walking down the sidewalk is reminiscent of walking down the Vegas strip being handed business cards for hookers.

My latest adventure of trying to cross the street involved being hassled by a woman trying to get me to register to vote. Why would I give my personal information to a woman wearing a sports bra and oversized track pants? How do I know she’s not going to sell my information?

It’s one thing if these people are credible representatives from an organization. However, this is not the case, they are just regular people passing out more junk.

These crosswalk vermin just create more litter on campus. They may be on the sidewalk, which is considered public property, but their trash ends up on campus which is private property.

Students should not have to deal with this daily harassment before arriving to class. Yes, it is their job to distribute flyers but can they please do it more respectfully.