By Madison Salter / Staff Writer

Long Beach City College cultural affairs committee will be holding its annual Halloween carnival on Friday Oct. 25 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at the Pacific Coast Campus. The carnival is mainly targeted towards children but all LBCC students are welcome. The PCC festivities will be held in the quad.

The cultural affairs committee supports unity in diversity. LBCC clubs will have a variety of culturally diverse booths. Games and prizes are offered at each booth.  Best booth award will be presented during the carnival. Booths are judged on theme, costume, set-up, and overall audience appeal.

Steven Chan, 20, a business administration major, said, “I love the events that the cultural committee presents. I’m looking forward to the carnival because I’ll be volunteering at one of the booth.  Chan said he has promoted the carnival throughout his classes, as well as, handed out fliers. Chan also said he predicts the carnival will be a big success.