By Tonia Ciancanelli / Editor in Chief

Through a series of ice-breaker activities, student leaders and LBCC employees were encouraged to engage on a more personal level at the “dining with the directors” event at the PCC on Tuesday, Nov. 19. While most of the PCC Student Council and ASB Cabinet members who attended the event already have worked with each of the employees in some capacity, the event was an opportunity for everyone to interact in a more casual environment without the binding guidelines of committee meetings or controversial college issues.

PCC Cultural Affairs Chair Netta Gill said she enjoyed the opening activity where the students created random questions to ask the employees. Gill, who is pregnant with her first child, asked for advice about being a mother. PCC Associate Vice President Meena Singhal encouraged Gill to sing to her child beginning at birth to enrich brain development.

During the “secrets” portion of the event, Gill, a 24-year-old communications major, said her pregnancy cravings have her obsessing over laundry detergent and day-dreaming about what life would be like to be a carrot.

Singhal, who is originally from Canada, revealed one of her “secret” goals is to rebuild the culture at the PCC. Signhal emphasized her interest in structuring the less populated campus to where students may earn transferable degrees without needing to ever take classes at the LAC. Stephanie Deschams, 24, vice president of the Civic Engagement Club, applauded the event hosted by PCC Student Council President Suzanne Perucci.

Deschams said, “This was a fantastic opportunity to meet everyone. I would really like to see more events like this.” Perucci said, “Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.” The council plans to host a similar event in the Spring and is discussing possible dates at its Friday, Dec. 6 meeting at the PCC.