By Brittany Lieberman / News Co-Editor

The Cabinet discussed how to bring Spring semester events to life and how to improve student grades at the Monday, Nov. 18 and 25 meetings. ASB adviser Maya Cardenas was impressed with student turnout at coffee night. “I thought it was fantastic. People were asking questions and wanted to know about what ASB does,” Cardenas said.

Student Trustee Andrea Donado said she is looking into an LBCC shuttle bus that may violate the American Disability Act of 1990. “One of the shuttles does not accommodate wheelchairs. I’m working on fixing that issue,” Donado said.

The Spring semester Mini Grand Prix is projected for Thursday, April 10. The committee to bring the event together is headed by Rep. of Athletics Rodrigo Perez. The event is still seeking two advisers to guide the event.

Vice President Ashley Smith suggested hosting an ASB-sponsored male beauty pageant, designed to showcase talent and raise funds for clubs or scholarships. “It’s meant to be light-hearted and poke fun at real beauty pageants. It’s a great opportunity to fundraise and laugh at guys in swimsuits,” Smith said.

A male-only event didn’t sit well with numerous Cabinet members. Student Treasurer David Moreno said, “I think people get caught up in political correctness sometimes and it puts a damper on something that could be fun.” Details of the event are still being discussed.

Rep. of Academics Aquil Alam designed surveys for students to rate LBCC as an educational institution. Alam said, “The data will be used to improve student responsibility for their grades through the creative pathways program.” The handouts are located in Student Success Centers on both campuses. Any current student can participate. Results and honorable recognition will take place at the ASB Cabinet banquet, Thursday, Dec. 5. The next meeting will be Monday, Dec. 2 in room T1311 on the LAC.